Pubg ban in India! Best Alternative of Pubg In 2020

Best Alternative of Pubg
Best Alternative of Pubg

The Ministry of information and technology(India) has been banned 118 apps and PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite the most popular battle royale game also include in this list. It is a big step after banning 59 Chinese apps in the first round. The banned apps list including some popular apps like Gallery Vault, Smart AppLock, AppLock Lite, etc.

PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battle royal game. It is the most played video battle royal game in the world as well as India. According to the report, PUBG Mobile is download over 50M time through the play store and has 33M active users in India.

It is very disappointing news of die-hard PUBG fans. So, if played PUBG on your phone then you now might be looking for some Best Alternative of Pubg. We prepare a list of Best Alternative of Pubg. Take a look at the list, it may help you.

list of Best Alternative of Pubg

Best Alternative of Pubg

1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty mobile is the famous and largest modern warfare mobile game of all time. Call of Duty mobile is developed by TiMi Studios and it was released on 1st October 2019. It has 250 million downloads and 60 million active users all over the world. Call of Duty is a free mobile video game.

Call of Duty feature with many playable characters, game modes, and maps. Different control settings are available which improves the game playable experience. Also, different gameplay modes are available like zombies mode, survival mode, battle royale mode, and Raid mode. But recently zombies mode are removed due to the game mode not meeting the standards. However, zombies mode may back after resolving the issues.

Call of Duty mobile featuring up to 100 players. the player can also choose to play along or two, three, or four-man teams. Gameplay some kind of simile to the PUBG.

Call of Duty mobile game are available on both platform Android and iOS.

Download Call of Duty mobile: Android or ios


2. Fortnite

Best Alternative of PUBG

Fortnite is a free one of the best and most popular battle royal games. It is developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. Fortnite has more than 350+ million players around the world. After launching the mobile version, Fortnite getting over 125 million players in a year. Fortnite has three individual game mode versions. You can choose among three options or play general gameplay mode, which is Save the World.

Fortnite battle royal is similar to pubg and Call of Duty. it is also featuring up to 100 players. Here also Weaponless players airdrop crosses the game’s maps.

Fortnite is not available in the play store and iOS. If you want to download the Fortnite app, then download the game from Epic Games’ store.

Download Fortnite: Epic Games

3. Free Fire

Best Alternative of PUBG

Garena Free Fire is a free battle royal game develop by Dots Studio. It is a famous battle royal game available on both android and iOS platforms. Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019 and also received the award for Best Popular Game in google play store in 2019. Free Fire has 80+ million daily active users globally. Garena Free Fire also work on an enhanced version of Free Fire, which is called Free Fire Max.

Free Fire featuring up to 50 players. The players are airdrops and falling from a parachute on an island. The players searching for weapons and equipment to kill other players. The Gameplay almost similar to pupg, You may call it a lighter version of pupg.

Download Garena Free Fire: Android or ios

4. Battlelands Royale

Best Alternative of PUBG

Battlelands Royale is a casual Battle Royal game for everyone. It is made for mobile, the gun mode of this game everyone can enjoy. Battlelands Royale featuring up to 32 players and Most matches taken up to 5 minutes non-stop ultimate carnage.

Battlelands Royale has team play options. It has a huge game map to explore. here is Tons of Weapons and items are available. Battlelands Royale confirms that a big update(more weapons, an exciting map, a Destructible environment, and much more) coming soon.

Download Battlelands Royale: Android or ios

5. Creative Destruction

Best Alternative of PUBG

Creative Destruction mobile game is most similar to Fortnite but it is lighter than Fortnite. Creative Destruction is a survival game. It has featured up to 100 players. This game has a large map and different types of weapons. Creative Destruction is available for download on both platforms on iOS and Android.

Download Creative Destruction: Android or ios