List Of Best Free VPN For Android in 2020

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android

A virtual private network(VPN) is an encrypted connection over the Internet. VPN hides your actual position and shows your position where you set. VPN also hides your IP address. VPN allows accessing all block apps and websites which is blocked by geographical restriction. Maximum people often use a VPN to unblock geographical restrictions, for Example during COVID-19 in India you can watch youtube videos maximum 480P but if you use VPN and choose servers like the US or UK, you can watch the video up to 1080P. Netflix US and streaming BBC UK another strong example to use VPN.

A trusted VPN server encrypted connections help to safely transmit secure data. VPN helps to protect your privacy and permission to browsing anonymously.

List Of Best Free VPN For Android

There is the list of Best Free VPN For Android applications. Listed all apps are free bus some of the apps have a premium plan. In the premium plan, they provide unlimited data and other extra features. We make this list base on user reviews and security.

Why We Need a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • You can unlock geopolitical restrictions and browse country-specific content.
  • You can open block websites with the help of a VPN and bypass censorship in your country.
  • VPN secures your data passes when you connect to WiFi hotspots. So you use Public WiFi without putting your device or data at risk.
  • VPN protects your data when you surfing on the web. VPN hides your IP address and gives you extra layer protection.

Best Free VPN For Android

1. TunnelBear

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android

TunnelBear VPN is a free secure Android app. It is owned by McAfee. McAfee is a trusted company renowned for antivirus. TunnelBear secure VPN service is #1 VPN for 2020 by Wirecutter and has over 45 million active users.

TunnelBear VPN Android app is a very simple and user-friendly app. Here you can choose a server between 23 countries including Uk, US, Australia, and more.

TunnelBear Feature Highlights

  • TunnelBear is fast and Private VPN no logging required.
  • TunnelBear uses strong AES-256 bit encryption, which helps you to Safe your personal data and device.
  • TunnelBear provides you fast VPN server network. You can surf and stream the internet with out throttling and buffering.
  • TunnelBear is easy to use, You can connect Private internet just one tab.

TunnelBear VPN Android App gives you 500MB of data every month, No card details required. For Unlimited data, you need to purchase a premium plan. TunnelBear is a secure and best free VPN for you.

2. SuperVPN

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android

SuperVPN is a totally free VPN providing applications. It is very easy to use the app. Here you can get unlimited bandwidth. This app provides you 20day trial time, after 20day of the trial you can use the application for 60 minutes each session. When the session will complete, You simply reconnect to another session.

SuperVPN Feature Highlights

  • SuperVPN helps you to protect your privacy and third party tracking.
  • SuperVPN also helps you to unlock the geographically restricted website.
  • No registration and no setting required.
  • There is no speed limit and no bandwidth limit
  • Connected the VPN server with just one click.


3. Hotspot Shield
best free unlimited vpn for android

Hotspot Shield is a super easy VPN solution. You can connect your favorite VPN server with just one click. Hotspot Shield was awarded the world’s fastest VPN by Speedtest. Hotspot Shield claim, they are the most secure and trusted VPN provider.

Hotspot Shield Feature Highlights

  • Hotspot Shield helps you to Unblock Geo-restricted content. It helps you to get access to global media.
  • Hotspot Shield hides your IP address, location, and identity.
  • Hotspot Shield offers you to connect 80+ countries VPN servers including US, Uk, Canada, etc.
  • Hotspot Shield protects your data from Malware.

Hotspot Shield offers up to 500MB of data per day or 15GB data per month. Also, have a PREMIUM version.

4. Snap Master VPN

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android (Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Snap Master VPN is a well-known VPN provider. Snap Master has 50+ million active users and 4.6-star rating in play store. This app is totally free and uses it without limits. So, watch videos and browse the internet bypassing the Geo-restriction.

Snap Master VPN Feature Highlights

  • Snap Master VPN provides protection with AES 128-bit encryption. Also has Kill Switch protection which prevents your online data and information from leaked and tracked.
  • Snap Master VPN hides your IP address.
  • User-friendly interface, Connect proxy server just one click.
  • No registration required and no bandwidth limitation.

5. Thunder VPN

best vpn app for android

Thunder VPN is a lightning-fast VPN provider application for android. It provides almost all popular servers like US, UK, Canada, and other American and Europian country.

Thunder VPN Feature Highlights

  • No need to configuration, Just one click to connect virtual server. You can access the internet anonymously.
  • Well designed user interface. but contain Advertisements.
  • There is no time limit.
  • No registration required and not ask for unwanted permissions.

6. Kaspersky Secure Connection

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android

Kaspersky is an easy-to-use service provider android application and it is also a great alternative to a proxy server. Kaspersky has 400M+ users. Here you can not choose server location in a free plan, The service provider chooses the server automatically. In a free plan you can allow to use Upto 300MB par day.

Kaspersky VPN Feature Highlights

  • Kaspersky VPN provides you with upgraded fastest VPN servers. Enjoy lightning-fast internet with Kaspersky VPN.
  • 25+ countries are available in to list of VPN.
  • Free and 24-hour support available.

7. Avira Phantom VPN

best free vpn for android

Avira Phantom VPN offers you 500MB monthly free data. Here you can choose the server more than 40+ Locations. Avira Phantom VPN Provides service over 30Years and has 100+ Million users.

Avira VPN gives you a hassle-free service, Just download the app, select the location, and stat browsing anonymously.

Avira Phantom VPN Feature Highlights

  • Avira VPN gives you a Free Premium Trial for 7 days. In this period you can use unlimited traffic for free.
  • In the Free plan, You can use 500MB data monthly.
  • Top 40 VPN server locations around the world are available.
  • Avira VPN Provide service Over 30years.

8. Unlimited Free VPN Monster

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android

VPN Monster is 100% free VPN provider, which promises you to access all blocked apps and sites and allow to browsing anonymously. VPN Monster is easy to use app and start use with out provide any card details.

Unlimited Free VPN Feature Highlights

  • Unlimited Free VPN provides unlimited traffic.
  • Unlimited Free VPN is a 100% free application.
  • Bypass geo-restrictions and browsed unlimited anonymously.

9. ProtonVPN

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android

ProtonVPN is one of the best free VPN for android. It is a Switzerland based VPN Provider. ProtonVPN also not have any data limit. It provides you to access to 50 countries and 1000 servers. ProtonVPN gives you a hassle-free experience, it has not contained any ads and free forever.

ProtonVPN Feature Highlights

  • ProtonVPN do not record any browsing history.
  • ProtonVPN does not contain ads.
  • ProtonVPN gives protection with encriptions(AES-256 and 4096 RSA).
  • ProtonVPN has high-speed servers in 44 countries and gives up to 10 Gbps internet speed.

10. Super Fast VPN

best free vpn for android
best free vpn for android (Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Super Fast VPN provides you totally free unlimited VPN proxy service. Here you no need to any registration. Download Super Fast VPN from play store and use VPN just one tab.

Super Fast VPN Feature Highlights

  • Super Fast VPN is a totally free application.
  • Super Fast VPN gives you truly unlimited bandwidth and traffic.
  • No need card details, Registration, and password.

Please Use VPN Wisely

Please do not use free VPN all time because it slows down your internet speed and also free VPN riks to data compromise. Some provider have bad intension, they may sell your personal information and browsing data to advertising agencies or other highest bidder. It is best if you afford a paid VPN provider like Norton Secure VPN. So we recommended you to use VPN wisely.