Best Photo Editing Apps For Android in 2020

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

You probably most of the time capture photos by using a smartphone and share those photos on social media or store them for memories. But here is the problem, Sometimes we need to customize of saturation, exposer, contrast, and orientation. photo editing apps can solve this problem.

Nowadays most people use smartphones and Hundreds of photo editing apps available on play store and apps stores. In this article, we refer to a list of Best Photo Editing Apps For Android And ios. Referring all apps are trusted and we use them personally.

What Is a Photo Editor App and Type of Work?

This type of software application design to customize photos on mobile or tabs devices. Photo editing apps help to edit photos anywhere. We classified the Photo Editor App into three types.

  • First, This type of photo editing apps having full features of customization like the desktop version. Example- PicsArt, Adobe Photoshop Express.
  • Second, it is a lighter editor. Basic all features are available on this type of apps. Example- Snapseed, Photo Editor Pro.
  • Third, It is a filter base editor. You use different filters and modes. this type of Photo editing apps uses mainly on social media platforms. Example- Photo Lab Picture Editor.

List Of Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

1. Adobe Lightroom

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Adobe Lightroom is a free and powerful photo editing application. Here you can edit photos as professional. Adobe Lightroom provides a set of adjustment tools that are helping to adjust color, distortion, shadow & highlight, sharpness, and grain.

Adobe Lightroom Feature Highlights

  • Lightroom offers a lot of presets that are helping to simplify our work.
  • All filters are provided unlimited customization.
  • Lightroom is the best app for an advanced color edit. It helps you to advanced Hue, saturation, contrast, etc.
  • Lightroom also has professional tools that mostly available on the desktop version.
  • Lightroom gives PRO-LEVEL CAMERA option, That helps us to choose exposure, timer, instant presets, raw photo, HDR for capture professionals like Photo.
  • Lightroom has Improved functionality of Watermark.

Download Adobe Lightroom For ios

2. Snapseed

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android(Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Snapseed is a famous photo editing software developed by Google. Here you can edit photos like professionals. It has all useful tools, such as Healing, Structure, Brush, Perspective, HDR, etc. Here you can open RAW files, that help you to keep photos quality on the next level.

Snapseed Feature Highlights

  • Snapseed has 29 classic and professional Tools.
  • Here you can open RAW file and export after your work as JPEG format.
  • Snapseed offer a lot of filters and you can create your own filter from scratch.
  • automatically or manually option available for Tune image. In manual mode, you can control exposure, Hue & saturation, Contrast, and more.
  • Snapseed helps you to brings out surface structures of images.
  • Snapseed has a powerful Perspective fixing tools that help you to fix skewed lines of images.
  • It has Control Point technology, that helps you to the enhancement of pictures.
  • Other useful tools are Rotate, White Balance adjustment, retouching Brush, Healing Brush, Lens Blur, Glamour Glow, HDR Scape, Grainy Film, Face Enhance, Face Pose, text, etc.

Snapseed is a full-face image editing application. Try this app, it is totally free and easy to use.

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3. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is all-in-one functional photo editing apps. PicsArt is one of the most popular applications with over 1 billion downloads in the play store. here you can find fun sticker maker, collage maker, and doodle.

PicsArt Feature Highlights

  • PicsArt has all PHOTO EDITOR tools and all tools are impressive and work properly. Here you can find trendy filters and effects. PicsArt also offers thousands of outstanding free images to edit your picture.
  • PicsArt is the most useful apps for those who want to edit photos and videos in a single app.
  • PicsArt has a COLLAGE MAKER option. It helps you to create amazing photo collage with your favorite images.
  • PicsArt has 60+ million for stickers for iMessage. It has also options to create your own fun stickers.
  • PicsArt has draw brushes and layers options, This is the best feature of the PicsArt. Other Editor does not have these options.

PicsArt has a premium option, Here you can explore more functions and stickers.

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Download PicsArt For ios

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android(Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Photoshop is a legend application in the photo editing field. Everybody knows Photoshop and its functionality. Mobile versions of Photoshop are well optimized for small touchscreen. Adobe Photoshop Express is an advance and user-friendly photo-editing application. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, then you explore a huge creative library, that helps you to editing and manipulation of photos.

Adobe Photoshop Express Feature Highlights

  • Photoshop Express helps you to perspective correction.
  • Photoshop Express also helps you to remove noise without losing sharpen and details.
  • Here you can find ready to use the photo grid layout.
  • Photoshop Express has a quick fixes option that help you to adjust Automatically exposure, contrast, color.
  • Other photo editing functions are same.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express For ios

5. Photo Editor Pro

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
image editing app(Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Photo Editor Pro provides everything for edit photos. It is offering thousands of stylish effects and filters, that make your picture eye-cache. With the help of Photo Editor Pro, you can directly share Your creative artwork on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

Photo Editor Pro Feature Highlights

  • Photo Editor Pro offers hundreds of Filter and Effects for photos.
  • Here available all-powerful photo editing tools.
  • Hundreds of Collage maker template available in the library.
  • A huge collection of the Fun stickers.
  • Photo Editor Pro is totally free and best for social media post.

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6. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android(Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Photo Lab Picture Editor also famous for social media posts. It offer a vast collection of funny photo effects. More than 900 effects, animated effects, and filters are here. Using this filter and effects, on a single click you put a different creative look on your images.

Photo Lab Picture Editor Feature Highlights

  • Face photo montages are the best feature of Photo Lab Picture Editor. It handles complicated montage automatically. Face detection algorithms help to capture unusual selfies.
  • Photo Lab Picture Editor offers a huge collection of filters and effects. it is also a highlighting feature of these apps.
  • Photo collages and photo frame nice templates available here.
  • You can share your artwork with any social network.
  • Other basic features also available in this photo editor.

7. Photo Director Photo Editor

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photo Director Photo Editor is the amazing photo editing apps, that offer Amazing Animation, thousand of effects, Hundreds of professional tools, easy remove objects, and bland of images.

Photo Director Photo Editor Feature Highlights

  • Photo Animation is the best in class. It is also highlighting features of these apps. Still photo turn into incredible moving art.
  • Photo retouching tools available here, like red-eye removal, HDR, White Balance, etc.
  • Here you can remove background easily and put different backgrounds.
  • Magic Brush can change the image completely and give a different eye-catchy look.
  • here you can create your own custom sticker.

8. Collage Maker Pro

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android(Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Collage Maker Pro is the best Collage Maker, here you can find different funny photo grid and collage effects. Collage Maker Pro also offers attractive filters, stickers, text, and effects.

Collage Maker Pro Feature Highlights

  • Hundreds of amazing beautiful collages layout.
  • Collage Maker Pro offers 37 unique photo effects.
  • Hundred of creative frames available hare.
  • Direct social sharing option also available here.

9. Picture Editor Pro – PicPlus

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android(Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Picture Editor Pro – PicPlus feature full photo editing apps. A huge collection of filters, stickers, and effects. Picture Editor Pro also offer collage macking tamplates.

Picture Editor Pro – PicPlus Feature Highlights

  • A huge collection of the template is available here.
  • The effects and filters are work properly.
  • Picture Editor Pro helps to remove background easily.

10. Photo Editor – Lumii

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Photo Editing Apps For Android(Image credits: Screengrab of playstore.)

Lumii offers advance and amazing photo editing tools. Hundreds of filter and effects available here. Also a huge collection of template available.

Photo Editor – Lumii Feature Highlights

  • You can easily customize filter, and put a different look on your images.
  • HSL color mode is also available.
  • All basic tools for photo editing is also available.