How To Choose The Best Shared Web Hosting Plan In 2020

Best Shared Web hosting
Best Shared Web hosting

Do you already know exactly what a Shared Hosting is? If the answer is NO, don’t worry, we will teach you EVERYTHING about it.

Nowadays it is a trend to find different offers of storage services, cloud,  web parasite hosting, and among the latter, the shared web hosting service.  All these terms are usually confused and that is why it is convenient to explain a little what they consist of.

Digital marketing agency and many other reputed companies also buy shared web hosting for their business website.

In this case we will be interested in the concept of shared web hosting so that you know what it is and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

Shared Web Hosting What is it?

The  shared web hosting, or hosting websites for sharing  this type of web hosting is to host different websites on one single server (shared server web). It is one of the most common solutions today for those seeking a Hosting provider

This shared web server turns out to be the same service / server that is going to be used by different people (if we imagine for example that each person corresponds to a website). 

This means that a first client buys a space on a server to store their web page and a second client makes the same purchase to host a different web page, and both will be stored on the same machine, they will be managed by the same web service and all data will be in the same place and will pass through the same cables.

In reality, large shared web hostings have large amounts of shared web servers that each host millions of web pages, all for the price of a single machine.

In summary,  shared web hosting is :

  • A space that is reserved for you in a large machine that houses other spaces.
  • One or more databases that are granted to you.
  • FTP access to manage everything remotely
  • Slightly restricted rights to allow shared operation.
Best Shared Web hosting
Best Shared Web hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Web hosting

Advantages of choosing a shared Web hosting for your website are:

Globalization of costs: since several users are sharing the available resources, the costs are much smaller compared to personal hosting. The cost of storage, electrical power, material, and other items do not correspond to you alone and therefore you can afford to have a website for just a few euros a year.

Pre-designed offers: Many shared hostings today offer you pre-designed offers that allow newcomers to computing to create a space and an operational website very easily in a few seconds.

Instant access: with this service you can have a web page available in just minutes. The biggest problems are left to the hosting technicians.

Professional administration: The level of security, maintenance, and other technical needs are ensured by the professionals of the shared hosting center. This allows you to focus on what is essential, which is your website.

Disadvantages of choosing a Shared Web hosting we find that:

  • The presence of other web pages on the same server can affect the security and performance of your website (slowness and unavailability).
  • The inability to customize the web server settings.
  • Some web programming functions are also disabled for security reasons.

Characteristics of a Shared Web hosting

The characteristics of a shared hosting can vary according to the company or type of plan, however, some relevant aspects of this server are the following:

  • Number of domains: This will indicate the number of domains you can use, the options usually vary between 1, 2, or even unlimited.
  • Disk Space: Refers to the total space you are allowed to use to store databases, files, or email accounts.
  • Disk type: You have two options to choose from, the normal disk or SSD, the latter provides better benefits.
  • Data transfer: When you search for and visit a web page, it is called traffic, data transfer occurs if you are limited by traffic or it is unlimited.
  • Database number: The number of databases you can create or have on the hosting.
  • Email accounts: When the company offers this service, it is usually indicated the number of emails you have and the capacity of each one, the most common is 10 mailboxes, each with 1GB of maximum capacity.


Types of Shared Web hosting plans

The characteristics of a shared hosting can be established according to the plan you acquire, since they vary according to the needs of the websites. In this way it is much easier to define and find a shared hosting that works according to each type of website. The different plans that can be contracted are:

  • Web hosting plan: It is the most suitable for websites that need higher speed, they are very safe and reliable, only they do not support many intensive resources or advanced controls.
  • Managed WordPress Plan: Designed for users who manage the most used content management platform, but do not have the time and knowledge to deal with technical aspects such as configuration and updating. This shared hosting plan is very useful for websites of all kinds or WordPress blogs.
  • Commercial Hosting Plan: It is the most appropriate for web pages that need to expand resources and have more speed, such as commercial activity pages, online stores, company, corporate, or business websites.


Best Shared Web hosting
Best Shared Web hosting

Companies Are Offering The Best Shared Web Hosting Plan In 2020

4. BigRock

  • Pros: It is an Indian company that a good option for WordPress, it also offers you an online chat to answer questions.
  • Cons: Only available in English.
  • Domains / Emails: Both unlimited.
  • Plan: Plus.

3. Hostgator

  • Pro: It has online chat for technical queries and it is a very innovative system.
  • Cons: Not available in Spanish, only in English.
  • Domains / Emails: Both unlimited.
  • Plan: Baby.

2. Godaddy

  • Pro: They give you personalized attention by assigning you a support executive who speaks Spanish and also gives phone support.
  • Cons: When you go to renovate, be sure to read the conditions very carefully, you must be very careful with the renovation price that they indicate.
  • Domains / Emails: Unlimited domains, maximum 500 email accounts.
  • Plan: Deluxe or Ultimate.

1. Bluehost

  • Pros: It is the company that recommends WordPress, it also offers you an online chat to answer questions.
  • Cons: Only available in English.
  • Domains / Emails: Both unlimited.
  • Plan: Plus.

Guide to choosing the best Shared Web Hosting company

To select any of the shared hosting companies mentioned above, you should take into account the needs of your website and carefully analyze what each web hosting company offers you. Do not let yourself be guided only by the price, for this consider the following aspects.

Users Opinion

Analyze the comments and positive opinions of customers who have already contracted the hosting service, this is undoubtedly of great value, since they provide greater credibility, if the company complies with everything it offers . You will get these opinions in comparatives or on pages where they promote the service.

Payment options

This is important, check the different options that it offers you as a payment method and check that they adapt to your geographical location. Above all, due to the fact that some countries have problems with credit cards, so you should look for alternatives such as PayPal or Skrill.


Make sure of the price and the conditions that these apply, this is essential when choosing the company, in addition, they must offer a good value for money, leaning more towards quality than price. This must be taken into account when contracting the service and also when renewing it since some companies tend to significantly increase the price at the time of renewal.

Performance or Uptime

Uptime means the time that your website will be available, in which all users can access it by browsing the internet. Confirm the hosting service time that it offers you, this must be 99% Uptime, to verify that you can locate some of the tools available on the internet.

When a Shared Web hosting is useful

A shared hosting will be very useful when you are starting with your website or a project . A fact that can help you determine when this type of hosting will really be useful to you, is if you have less than 25,000 visits. Remember that they are designed with the purpose of hosting web pages that do not require many processes and that do not have many files.

When to change a Shared Web hosting

On the contrary, if you have shared hosting and you are thinking of changing it to another type of accommodation, the aspects that can help you make this decision are the following:

  • You have many visits a day and they are frequent.
  • You no longer have enough space and you are at the limit of resources.
  • By a database.
  • You will install an application that needs to improve the operating system and server.

Who do I share my hosting with

The companies that provide shared hosting services do not reveal how many websites are connected to the same server, much less what pages are on the server. The contract only determines a limited space, for all the operations that your website needs and in many opportunities this space must be expanded a little more. Above all, if you want to install different domains or unlimited email accounts.

This means that you can have or create different web pages and you only have to pay a monthly price for a single plan, so there are shared hosting that allow you up to 30 WordPress websites, blogs or company pages. A plan like the one we describe to you can offer you the following:

  • Unlimited WordPress installations.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • 500 email addresses.
  • Free domain with the annual plan.

Why choose a Shared Web hosting

The main reason that makes users choose shared hosting is that it is the cheapest option for web hosting solutions. It is the best alternative for those entrepreneurs of small or medium companies, as well as online sites with moderate traffic. But among the reasons why choose a shared hosting are the following:

  • Price : It is the most accessible among the other servers, being the most striking option for those who start in the online world.
  • Scalability : The different companies that offer the service offer diversity of plans or packages that are adapted to the requirements of the users.
  • Functions: It allows you to duly monitor the development of resources and the configuration of FTP and email accounts.

Who is Shared Web hosting useful for?

The alternative of shared web hosting can be very beneficial and effective for small companies or institutions, and in the case of doing it with different users, make sure that they will be trusted. For educational institutions, shared hosting can be very useful, since each teacher can have a blog independently and manage the information of their chair online.

The way to define the most useful type of hosting is considering your future aspirations, that is, how big do you expect your project or website to be. In addition, what are your technical knowledge, when facing situations that have to do with the configuration or administration of the page. Once these two aspects have been evaluated, you will only have to choose shared hosting according to its cost based on your budget.

Comparison of hosting

  • Specialized Hosting Vs Shared web Hosting: Each one can be highly functional and are more than enough for online platforms like WordPress. Each type of accommodation is designed for projects with few users and in which their owners do not require advanced technical knowledge.
  • VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting: They are ideal for much larger projects like online stores. As its name implies, dedicated hosting is exclusive for a single client and has wide access to all server resources. Whereas the VPS is a shared space on the server hardware and each client has its own resources.
  • Virtual or cloud hosting: Also known as cloud hosting, it is the ideal type of accommodation for the most advanced users and at a technical level, it is also one of the most accessible in terms of price on the market and offers excellent value for money. for the scalability of services. Being not recommended for beginners.
  • Mail hosting: It is recommended for users who will not create a website, but only need a corporate email.

Difference between a shared web hosting and a dedicated Server

Among the various types of hosting that exist, they tend to be confused with each other, as is the case of shared hosting with a dedicated server, and that is that there are great differences between them.

  • The main one is that a shared web hosting section is a server for different users, while a dedicated hosting is when a user can have and manage their own server. Undoubtedly, the latter offers exclusive service and guarantees total autonomy in the administration of a website, as well as having a large capacity to host a number of websites.

It cannot be concluded that dedicated hosting is better than shared hosting since both are highly functional and their effectiveness depends exclusively on the needs of each page. Based on this you will also have to define the type of project or page to be carried out since dedicated hostings due to exclusivity tends to be much more expensive.

Maintenance of a shared web hosting

One of the advantages that choosing shared web hosting offers you is that you completely get rid of server maintenance. This task is the responsibility of the responsible provider or company, including updates to server hardware and software. So you don’t have to worry about spending time or paying a technician to service the server, with updates or security patches.

With shared web hosting you only have to enjoy your website and keep it up to date for your users, so you will have a control panel that will give you access to your website to monitor traffic, configure emails, install applications or manage files. Remembering that you will be assigned an amount of bandwidth and disk space, which if you like at any time you can migrate your page to another server.