How To Convert WordPress site into Mobile App & 6 Best Plugins

wordpress site into mobile app
convert WordPress site into mobile app

WordPress is a famous free and open-source content management system. It is the most powerful CMS based on PHP. WordPress is Most effective for blogging websites and News websites. Also, you can host any type of website without any type of technical knowledge. More than 1.3 billion websites are already hosted on the web according to a survey published by Netcraft.

WordPress has a large no of community and a huge library. There is luge no of themes and plugins available. You can add unlimited functions by installing plugins. If you want to Convert the WordPress site into Mobile App, then simply install plugins and convert your site to an application. Android and ios both types of app you can create with the help of a plugin.

List of 6 Best Plugins to turn WordPress site into mobile apps

Why you Convert WordPress site into Mobile App?

In recent days the smartphone users are increasing day by day. Mobile is now an integral part of our lives. We use our smart phone for almost every thing like, Shopping, Ticket booking, Social communication, E-book reading, etc. If you check your website details traffic source on Google Analytics(or other monetization tools), then you can see above 60% of users access your site from mobile phones. The best way to give a nice experience of your user to make a responsive mobile website by using a responsive WordPress theme.

A well optimized WordPress theme can automatically adjust on different screen size. WordPress have a huge theme library , and best part is most of the theme are free. All theme are responsive out of the box.

However, some website owners want an application to provide a better user experience to their users. Mostly shopping website, News website, and different service providing website demand more for applications. If your site builds on the WordPress framework, then you can easily convert your site into an app.

wordpress site into mobile app
convert WordPress site into mobile app

Advantage of Converting WordPress site into Mobile App

  • In 2020 3.5 Billion people are using the smartphone, the number increasing day by day. So it is a huge market, and everybody wants to provide a better user experience to their user than competitors. Mobile App provides a much better user experience.
  • Mobile applications feel better than a conventional websites.
  • Building the Mobile application required a very good knowledge of programming language, So required to hair a software agency and it is costly. Most of the startup company does not afford the cost. However, WordPress provides an easy solution, turn your website into a mobile app just follow the few steps and save your money. It is most effective when you have a tighter budget.
  • The Converted Application you can easily post on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Application features with industry-standard functions and all website plugins(WooCommerce, Contract from, Push notifications, BuddyPress, etc.) work properly on the app.
  • You can easily customize your application appearance.
  • You can earn more revenue because AdBlockers can not work inside the apps.

How To Convert WordPress site into Mobile App?

For the Converting process, you do not need any technical knowledge, if you absolutely beginner in WordPress don’t worry just need to follow a few steps and your application will be ready.

You need to install a plugin, that we recommended below and follow the steps provided through documentary and tutorials. The steps are different for the different plugins. Below we provide a list of 6 best plugins that help you to convert your WordPress site into an Mobile App.


6 Best Plugins to Convert WordPress site into Mobile App

1. Androapp

wordpress site into mobile app
convert WordPress site into mobile app

Androapp is a powerful plugin that converts your responsive mobile-friendly website into an Android application. The best part of this plugin is it is totally free and lots of tutorials available on Youtube.

Androapp Feature Highlights

  • Androapp provides Deep link support.
  • Image Zoom saves and shares options available here.
  • You can place google ad-mob and Appnext Adds on your apps to the help of this plugin.
  • You can customized apps colors as per your color scheme and also customized menu, image rendering settings, share post, notifications style, etc.
  • Facebook and WordPress commend support.
  • App automatically updates as per website updates.
  • Send unlimited push notifications.
  • You can submit applications in the play store.

Androapp has two drawbacks. One is, free version of this plugin showing adds on the apps and other, this plugin allows to convert only android applications.

2. AppPresser

convert WordPress site into mobile app

AppPresser is easy to use plugin that helps you to convert WordPress site into Android or iOS Mobile Application. This plugin helps you to convert your WordPress site quickly.

AppPresser Feature Highlights

  • All advanced settings are available.
  • AppPresser also has adds settings page.
  • AppPresser sends unlimited push notifications.
  • AppPresser has different themes for different types of websites, like Woocommerce, Blogging, or BuddyPress.
  • Lots of customization options are available.

AppPresser don’t provide any free versions, for use this plugin you need to purchase any plan on AppPresser.

3. Blappsta

convert WordPress site into mobile app

Blappsta is a great free Plugin for converting WordPress site into iOS and Android App. It helps you to convert your site in few minutes. Blappsta has a great feature call ‘Blappsta Preview’, it helps you to preview your app layout look like before launching your site.

Blappsta Feature Highlights

  • Send unlimited push notifications on iOS and Android devices.
  • It supports videos.
  • Customize home page and navigation menus.
  • It support Contact form 7.

4. appful

convert WordPress site into mobile app

appful powerful plugin that help you to convert your WordPress site into iOS & Android mobile App and customized your apps through App Builder.

appful Feature Highlights

  • Apps can able to send unlimited push notifications.
  • You can live edit your app any where.
  • You can place adds inside your application.
  • Social sharing button available here.

appful has different Pricing table and also has a try free option.

5. WappPress

wordpress site into mobile app
convert WordPress site into mobile app

WappPress is a leading plugin to convert any WordPress site into the Android app. This is a real-time app builder and the most cost-effective platform. Here you can convert a WordPress site to a mobile app through just follow a few steps and settings.

WappPress Feature Highlights

  • You can easily integrate Google AdMob’s add.
  • You can send Unlimited push notification.
  • You can choose an attractive launcher icon and customize your own way.
  • Any changes in the WordPress site instantly reflect on the android application. WappPress help to real-time data synchronization with WordPress site and android app.
  • You can create a unique home page layout that is different from the website.

6. MobiLoud

wordpress site into mobile app
convert WordPress site into mobile app

MobiLoud also well-known affordable plugins that help you to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app. MobiLoud provides both options Android and iOS. You can publish your app on Google Play Store and App Store.

MobiLoud Feature Highlights

  • content updates Automatic, no need any actions.
  • color, logo, menu, and more customization available.
  • Send push notifications Effortlessly.
  • Social sharing option available.
  • MobiLoud has the full support of google analytics.